The Best Bike Bells 2021

best bike bells 2021

Ring! Ring! 

That’s the resounding tinkling and clinking sound of a bike bell trying to create awareness of your presence, communicating perfectly with pedestrians and other road users. A bike bell is always a polite way of warning trekkers against collisions.

A good bike bell is a necessity for every cyclist. It is compulsory to have a working bell, confirm its efficiency before beginning any ride. This is to prevent collisions with other bike users, running down a pedestrian; adult or kid, or probably endangering your life through major hits with another vehicle that didn’t notice your presence beforehand.

However, before I take you through a detailed guide on which are the best bike bells in 2021, I will love to show you how to spot a good bike bell.

How to know a good bike bell.

1. Record the bell ring
A good bike bell should have a resonating sound with an echo sustain of at least 4-5 seconds at a single click. A soft bell ring offers a resonance of 96db and the loudest pegs on 106db.

2. Consider the size, material, and specification of the bike bell
Some persons will prefer a ding-dong bell to a traditional bell. Some will find classic brass bells more fashionable than stainless steel bells. However, the metallic composition of a bike bell goes a long way to determine its sound and durability.

At the purchase of a bike bell, its fitting is dependent on the choice of the rider. Some bike bells can have default specified positions they should stay. However, most times it is advisable to fit your bike bell firmly on the right-hand side of your bike’s handlebar, except you are left-handed or do better with left-hand controls.

best bike bells 2021

Best Bike Bells 2021

This review is based on the degree of clear resonance offered by these bells, its metallic composition, body parts, and features and more importantly their price. I wouldn’t want you spending a fortune in your bid to purchase a bike bell. Bike Bells ain’t real estate, you don’t need to close a bank to have one.

ACCMOR Classic Bike Bell

ACCMOR classic bike bell is an aluminum fashioned bike bell with clear loud and crisp ringtones that could be heard clearly even from far distances. Its resonance and echo sustain makes it suitable for mountain bikes and road bikes.

Specially designed to fit Bicycle handlebars with an outer diameter of 21-22mm (0.83 – 0.86 inches). It is easy to install. With the help of a screwdriver, you can tighten the bracket of the bell to your bike’s handlebar for as fast as 2mins.

These brackets are made of high plastics, granting you an assurance for durability and quality review.

With different colors to choose from, lightweight and engineering plastic grips, and portable size of 2.1 x 2.1 inch/ 5.3 x 5.6 cm.
With careful designs, it is slated to fit in for any standard bicycle; Mountain bikes, Road bikes, Kids bikes, Beach Cruiser bikes, commuter bikes, etc.

Knog Oi Bike Bell

Amazon Price $8.19


BONMIXC Brass Mini Bell

Bonmixc bicycle bell is designed with high-quality brass. You read earlier when I wrote about the need to check out on the metal composition of your bike, right?
The high-quality brass composition of the BONMIXC bike bell makes it produce wonderful, louder, clear and longer sustained pure ringtone than aluminum bike bells.

This brass and aluminum alloy Disparity is based on personal research I carried out. Bells made with high-quality brass produce longer, louder and clear sound than aluminum bike bells.

It fits handlebars between 21mm – 23mm diameters. Bonmixc bike bell is a versatile bell as it fits well for the right hand and left-hand use. It can easily fit into any side of the handlebars, with a portable weight of 47g.

High compressive strength and anti-corrosion quality to meet demands of high quality.
Eco-friendly, Recyclable material composition, and easy to install a build that takes you at most 2mins to install.

BONMIXC BRASS MINI BICYCLE Bells offers you a sweet sound, strong, loud and durable, all in one piece to offer you an amazing.
Amazon Price: $7.99

BONMIXC Bike Bell Brass Mini


Knog Oi Bike Bell

Knog Oi Bike Bell comes in two different sizes; Large and small. The large sizes fit for 31.8mm bike handlebars, while the small one fits for 22.2 mm bike Sha.
With an overall design of stainless steel, fitted with a high tensile spring as its bell trigger, aircraft-grade aluminum ringer to project a clear, crispy, pleasantly loud sound.

Knog Oi bike bells are designed not just to quality standards but also to an attractive style. With a reinforced nylon mount, cable management system that makes the bell lap well even in the presence of bike cables.

Irrespective of its uniqueness, it is necessary you know where you wish to fit your bell, to avoid ordering an oversized bell.

Amazon Price: $7.14

buy knog oi bike bell


Reketa Aluminum Bike Bell

Rekata aluminum bike bell is a double handle fitting bike bell for handlebars of 22.2mm.
As a double handle bike bell, it comes with the ability to fit either as a right-hand bell or a left-hand bell.

Designed as an aluminum bell, ultratough ABS, making them strong and long-lasting.
With a diameter of 22.2 mm/ 0.87 inches, it fits in for different bike types; children and adults, with handlebars of such specification.
Loud sound Projection, Pleasant and audible, easy bell trigger to offer you a safe ride.

Amazon Price: $5.99

REKATA Aluminum Bike Bell,


Sportout 2 Pack Bike Bell

Sportout 2 Pack Bike Bell is one of the best and affordable bike bells in the market. It comes with a ‘purchase and get two’ option.

Loud bells usually fall in a decibel(dcb) category for at most 106db. Sportout 2 Pack Bike Bell provides an ultrahigh decibel of 100db, a loud volume that politely triggers road users about your presence, thereby ensuring safety.
Built with an integrated PP material hammer, rustproof industrial-grade Iron, all to ensure durability.
The bike bell comes with an excellent craft structure of 2.22 x 2.25cm and an easy installation.

It is sold for $9.99 on Amazon

Sportout 2 Pack Bike Bell


Each product pack contains two bells. You can decide to fit them into one Bicycle, or split them for different Bicycles.